Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Type of CNG

Open Loop system

Basic Throttle Body Delivery system

Uses an Timing Advancer System if installed- Helps in Sudden Accelaration. Open Loop system is a Basic system with minimal requirements, However needs regular tuning and mandatory periodic checks. Open Loop system does not auto correct the Lamda readings( O2 in Emmision as scanned by Car OEM O2 Sensor Lamda) this leads to Check Engine light at times when the Mixture is Poor or Rich.

Cheaper Option- Starts at Rs 33,000 Avg + Timing Advancer for 2000 more.

Closed Loop System

Uses a Lamda Controller to regulate the flow of Gas into the manifold by Throttle Body Delivery ( Stepper Motor),by reading the O2 emissions. It Auto corrects the Mixture for Lean Mix and also emmulates the Reading to the ECU incase of any variations to avoid Check Engine Error- The Range is defined and not extreme.

Closed Loop system also has a RPM Cap regulated by Engine Power- Like all Systems the CNG mode clicks auto on RPM above 1500 or as set. In a closed Loop system it allows the engine to stay on CNG till about 4000 RPM and anything more it shifts to Petrol for the power needed at that level and on lowering down Auto shifts to CNG.

This ensure a better and Optimal Engine Power Management as desired at Higher Speeds.

Usually does not need regular checks, however as all kits needs periodic checks with Scanner to set/read the settings.

Does not need Timing Advancer.

Usual costs are around Rs 40,000 onwards.

Sequential CNG systems

Similar to the Closed loop, However has a seprate ECU to manage all Gas functions- The main feature is that it incorporates an Injection Rail System with seprate Injectors - Auto mixing the Air-CNG in the right mix.

Sequential Systems are advanced an good, But they are pretty expensive and replacement costs are higher since not all locations and dealers can service this kind of setup.

Major issue is that it needs disconnection of the OEM petrol MPFI injector setup

Sequential Kits are as of yet pending approval from ARAI for use in Indian BS 3 Stage cars.

Needs a Pro to install, Avg costs are Rs 65,000 Upwards.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 common signs of a committed relationship

1. Love and respect – for each other and your individual philosophies on life and love. Ignoring your partner’s hopes and dreams just because they may differ to yours or trying to cancel or absorb someone’s personality is neither love nor respect. A progressive growing of love and respect between two people sharing their lives but retaining their individuality is more healthy and fulfilling.
2. Loyalty – some couples see this as the only commitment needed within a successful relationship, it isn’t a standalone commitment, but it still remains an ultimate commitment. Any commitments made with the absence of loyalty will appear to be nothing but hollow, broken promises. What if your partner has hinted, or even made it obvious that they have known other partners better than they know you. This could be an admission of not being sure about the depth of the relationship or a criticism of your role and actions, prompting the outspoken comparisons. If he/she has talked about, or admitted wanting to get to know other different partners better, this issue needs to be addressed to discover what has instigated these comments and desires.
3. Honesty – About your feelings, fears and insecurities, honesty about the relationship and your expectations. Revelations about your past, what you want to achieve in life, job prospects and career prospects that could affect your future together. Financial burdens or financial expectations are all important decisions that you both have to make regarding the future. It is unacceptable and selfish to arrogantly think that someone can be compromised into radically changing their beliefs to suit you at a later date. This is dishonest and will be seen as outright dismissal and betrayal of individual views and feelings.
4. Spending time together – This also encompasses your personal levels of acceptable commitment to each other’s feelings and needs in the relationship. You may be perfectly happy to spend every waking moment with each other; alternatively you may be just as happy and comfortable with a more relaxed amount of time you spend in each other’s company. It does not mean the relationship is any less intimate or meaningful. Don’t be tempted to use time spent together as a template to compare with other relationships, what makes you happy is the only important issue and how much you desire to retain your independence and individuality inside the relationship.
5. Trust – Without trust no relationship can survive, do you feel comfortable enough with the level of trust in the relationship, to admit to other relationships and why they failed without any fear of backlash or recriminations. Trusting each other when you are not together is a huge area for differences of opinion as to what is the appropriate level of trust before it becomes suspicious and obsessive jealousy. Trust levels need to be tested and established with practical aspects of the relationship, trust with finances, with children, with secrets, with family decisions and personal choices.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How safe is CNG as a transportation fuel?

From health and safety point of view, CNG is as good as, or better than,
petrol and other alternative fuels. The following properties make it a desirable fuel:
  •  Natural gas is lighter than air. In the event of a leak it will rise and disperse in the atmosphere and not form puddles (as in petrol) or spread (As in LPG).
  •  The ignition temperature of Natural Gas is much higher than petrol making it more difficult to ignite.
  • A high gas concentration in the air is needed to ignite CNG, not easy to achieve even in event of leak. Natural gas will not burn when its concentration in air is below 5% of above 15%.

Do's and Don'ts while using CNG as fuel

  • Vehicle using CNG to follow the required conditions mentioned in the central motor vehicles rules
  • Ensuring that the workshop is authorized and observes safety standards and code of practices in kit installation and commissioning
  • Kit/cylinder to be of approved type for the make of vehicle
  • Vehicle to undergo the required pre-conversion checks thoroughly
  • Complete and thorough leak test of the gas system
  • Installer’s certificate to be collected from the workshop
  • Endorsement of CNG or bi-fuel mode in Registration Certificate from RTO
  • Annual checking of the CNG kit and keeping the related certificates
  • CNG Cylinder to follow the Gas cylinder rules and to be hydro tested once in 5 years keeping in mind the certificate of the same
  • Certificate of CNG kit, Fitness and hydro test to be possessed by the driver all the time
  • Acquainting yourself with the mechanism of CNG and the precautions essential for driving a CNG vehicle

  • Buy components from different sources and install the kit yourself
  • Modification or improvisation of the kit at unauthorized workshops
  • Install an LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of CNG cylinder
  • Filling LPG, Propane or any other fuel in place of CNG in a CNG cylinder
  • Passengers on board while filling.

How does CNG Works

You may know by now that you don’t need to buy a new CNG-powered car to start using clean and safe CNG and reduce your carbon footprint. Any vehicle running on gasoline and diesel can be converted to CNG. But do you know how CNG conversion is accomplished and how it works? Natural gas conversion may cost you a significant amount of money, so before you decide to go the CNG way, it is important that you know and understand how the installation of a CNG conversion kit in a gasoline-powered vehicle is done.
At the conversion center or shop, skilled technicians will install compressed natural gas (CNG components to your existing vehicle. These components make CNG the primary fuel for your vehicle with gasoline as the back-up fuel. A fuel selection switch will be installed (usually on the dashboard) that will allow the driver to manually select either CNG or gasoline. CNG storage cylinders will also be installed underneath the vehicle for vans and pickup trucks, or in the trunk for cabs and other cars. Stainless steel tubes and lines will transport the CNG to the regulator in the vehicle’s engine compartment to reduce the pressure. The CNG will then pass through a fuel-air mixer on its way to the intake manifold to be introduced for combustion.
Having a dual fuel system will ensure adequate fuel reserves in between natural gas fills. Compared to having only a gasoline engine, this additional fuel reserve will extend the vehicle’s driving range. Drivers can switch from CNG to gasoline even while driving, idling or parked. Some CNG systems will automatically switch to gasoline when the natural gas level reaches a preset low pressure setting.

Want to study in the UK?

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor’s degree from the UK – the good news is that you can still apply. Many universities don’t have definite deadlines and accept applications till they fill their seats for various courses. However, you should apply as soon as you have decided that UK will be your preferred destination as you may not always be lucky enough to get the course and the University of your Choice.
Applications for undergraduate studies in the UK have to be made through the centralized application process called UCAS and this will remain open for international students till approximately June 2012.
Through UCAS , you are allowed to apply to a maximum of five universities and your application is sent to each university directly by UCAS. Now it’s up to university depending on your profile and availability in course they will send you an offer or a rejection.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top 5 Foods of Your Daily Life for Healthy Hair

"Your hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch every month, and the foundation of all of our new hair, skin, and nail growth is the nutrients we eat," says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a Chicago-based dietitian. "If you eat a healthy diet, you will grow stronger and healthier cells throughout your entire body -- inside and out."
Food No. 1: Salmon
When it comes to foods that pack a beauty punch, it's hard to beat salmon. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, this high-quality protein source is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron.
Vegetarian? Include one or two tablespoons of ground flaxseed in your daily diet for some plant-based omega-3 fats.
Food No. 2: Green Vegetables
Spinach, like broccoli and Swiss chard, is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum. The oily substance, secreted by your hair follicles, is the body's natural hair conditioner.
Dark green vegetables also provide iron and calcium.
Food No.3: Eggs
Eggs are one of the best protein sources you can find.
They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12, which are important beauty nutrients.
Food No.4: Whole Grains
Sink your teeth into hearty whole grains, including whole-wheat bread  for a hair-healthy dose of zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
A whole-grain snack can also be a great go-to food when your energy is zapped halfway through the afternoon, and you've still got hours to go before dinner.
Food No. 5: Carrots
Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which promotes a healthy scalp along with good vision.
Since a healthy scalp is essential for a shiny, well-conditioned head of hair, you'd be wise to include carrots in your diet as snacks or toppings on your salad.